The Rise of the Virtual World

2020 Has Seen an Unprecedented Rise of the Virtual World

While the world is slowly and cautiously re-opening, many events have transitioned to virtual – virtual conferences, virtual live-streamed music, virtual job fairs, virtual happy hours, virtual theatre. Just three months ago, many of these options did not exist. Back then, if you wanted to see live music, you went to a concert or a winery or a park, music was everywhere!  If you were looking for a job, you could go to a job fair and visit all the booths.  If you wanted to have a happy hour, you’d get together with a few friends and go to a local restaurant.  Now, if you want to see a concert, it’s as easy as looking online and seeing who might be playing in the moment.  Job fairs are virtual too—you can navigate the booths electronically and chat with a company representative as if you were there. 

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Large conferences are also finding a platform to stream.  The speed at which our world adapted to accommodate the situation is amazing!  At the time, most thought it might be temporary, however, it appears our virtual world is here to stay even as in-person events are allowed again.  

Our world adapted – but how do we as individuals also adapt?  Part of the joy of a concert, a conference, a happy hour, is sharing the experience and energy.  Can we find that same energy through video platforms?  It isn’t easy, but a balance can be found.  There are some advantages to the virtual world, such as time savings, environmental savings, cost savings.  As more in-person options open, some may elect to continue the virtual events – perhaps you might enjoy music more often because it’s more accessible.  Perhaps you might see friends more often because it’s easy to connect. Our hectic schedules and commutes have lessened, allowing more time to enjoy these things, even if it is not in the same way we once did.

As an individual in our new world, each person is unique. Each adapts differently.  One might meet friends at a brewery or winery now that it is possible to do so, while others may continue to enjoy the virtual options—or perhaps a bit of both.  

Regardless of what you choose, the most important thing we need to remember, is that we are in this together – that it’s our responsibility to stay safe, and help keep others safe, despite some inconveniences in doing so.  The more we find balance and the more we adapt, the more it helps others to adapt too.

In our next article, we’ll share some tips for finding and navigating virtual events, along with some links to various events we hope you’ll find interesting 

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