6 Skills College Grads Need to Get a Job During Coronavirus

College Graduates Need to Stay Sharp and Learn New Skills

Coronavirus has changed our lives for the foreseeable future and the job market has been hit hard because of it. A recent CNN article has stated that the unemployment rate could hit 20% at some point—far greater than the Great Depression. Although there is hope that things will eventually rebound and Americans will get back to work, there is now a greater need for job searchers to be proficient at certain skills.

Just like those already of working age, it’s important for college graduates, who are entering the worst job market in American history, to learn these skills, as well. Doing so will help them stay competitive and hopefully get that coveted first job out of college. 

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Master These Skills and Help Your Job Search!

1. Customer Service

Strong customer service skills are vital during these times. It’s important that customers know they’re valued at a time like this, especially because many services are now being conducted online, and employees who can make customers feel valued are in high demand. As a matter of fact, customer service specialists are one of the top entry-level jobs being hired right now. 

People who can foster loyal customers are in high demand. Even if you don’t want to go into this for the rest of your career, it will be a great start for you and it will teach you some basic fundamentals of dealing with customers. 

2. Leadership

Managers aren’t the only ones who need leadership—anyone who shows this trait has lots of self-awareness and authenticity and these can help you get far in life. With the new norms facing the work environment, recent grads will no longer have face-to-face mentorship like they had in the past. So, grads who inherently show leadership will have a leg up. 

being able to show credibility, confidence, and clarity during these stressful times will show that you have the potential to be an executive one day.

3. Communication

Coronavirus has led to a huge increase in employees working remotely and this will likely stick once the virus begins to go away. Having good communication skills have always been an asset, but now they’re imperative. Learn how to pitch yourself to employers, brush up on your body-language skills, and learn how to empathize with coworkers. This will help you even in a digital workspace.

4. Problem-Solving

This has always been important, but the world has become even more confusing and overwhelming than it normally was. Having well developed problem-solving skills, like rational analysis and critical thinking, will help you navigate a post-Coronavirus workplace. 

The best employees can create curiosity both within themselves and amongst colleagues. This will help you and those around you understand this confusing world.

5. Operations and Project Management

These are the backbone for any business worth its weight in salt, but few really understand how to apply them to the workplace. If you can master operational and management concepts like Scrum and Six Sigma, you will be a key member of a team.

6. Marketing

Have you ever wondered how some brands have been able to last for long, despite fluctuating demand and markets? Coronavirus is showing us which brands have the ability to weather storm and which don’t. Marketing plays a MASSIVE role in standing the test of time and employers are looking for people who understand how to connect with consumers even during such uncertain times.


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