Why Rebrand?

We are officially on track towards claiming the #1 spot on Inc. Magazine's 2021 list of the fastest growing companies in
America with a growth rate of over 55,000% in the past 3 years! This rebrand reflects our true company mission, always
working harder to bring the best and brightest to your team and our team!

Why Human Bees?

“Our goal was to rebrand our company in a way that would perfectly reflect who we are.
For millennia, bees have represented community, industriousness, teamwork,
and personal power—all of these characteristics align with our culture and aspirations as a company.”

CEO Geetesh Goyal

What will change? Just our name and logo!
You’ll still be getting the same great service, but now it will come with a little extra buzz.

For more information regarding the name change or to learn more about us,
please click below to visit our new website – humanbees.com